Bobby Gibson Music

Bobby is new to the Christian Country Music genre. He grew up listening to country and gospel music. He sang karaoke for years and eventually started singing in church within the past couple of years. He never dreamed of having an opportunity to go to Nashville to record Christian music that is being downloaded and played around the world.
Bobby, for several years, has worked as a therapist providing counseling to individuals with mental health issues and substance abuse treatment to individuals involved in the Escambia County Drug Court program. Bobby also co-facilitates a weekly Celebrate Recovery that provides a Christ-centered approach to helping individuals battling addiction or suffering with any other hurts and hang-ups.
God has opened a door for Bobby to use music as a light to others needing salvation and hope for a better life through Jesus Christ.
The original label Bobby recorded under was Steeple Country but he is now recording under the label Nashville Christian Country Artists. Current songs that have been released to radio and available for download on all streaming platforms are The Colors And The Cross and Heaven Is Your Hometown. His next song to be released and available for download is You Are The Light. You can check out his music page on Facebook, Bobby Gibson Music and on YouTube, Bobby Gibson Music for updates and future links for cd downloads.